Zte is the world's leading provider of integrated communications solutions. Founded in 1985, the company is a large communication equipment company listed in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The company provides innovative technology and product solutions to telecom operators and enterprise network customers in more than 160 countries and regions.

Zte has a complete, end-to-end product line and integrated solutions in the communications industry. Through a full range of wireless, wired, business, terminal products and professional communications services, ZTE meets the differentiated needs of different operators and enterprise network customers around the world. At present, ZTE has fully served the world's mainstream operators and enterprise network customers, smart terminal shipments ranked in the US top four.


In 2000, ZTE's sales exceeded 10 billion yuan and established a Korea Research Institute dedicated to CDMA product development. In 1999, the complete SET of GSM900/1800 dual-band mobile communication system independently developed by ZTE obtained six telecom equipment access licenses issued by the Ministry of Information Industry, and signed a CONTRACT of SUPPLY of GSM mobile communication equipment with a total amount of USD 225 million with BK Group of Yugoslavia. China's GSM mobile communication products with independent intellectual property rights were exported for the first time.

Zte 2001 establishment of the Hong Kong company, to join the 3 gpp2 (TheThirdGenerationPartnershipProject2), zte CDMA service of China unicom, China's independent intellectual property rights of communication equipment manufacturers to obtain the first large-scale mobile communication network construction project.

In 2004, it provided exclusive broadband Internet equipment support for the Athens Olympics and listed H shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

In 2005, the company decided on the MTO strategy and began to focus on developing the foreign operator market. IT signed a contract of 300,000 WCDMA terminals with Hutchison UK, and the 3G terminals entered the European market for the first time in a large scale. IT was awarded "Top 100 Global IT Enterprises" by BusinessWeek.

In 2006, in order to support the expansion of international market, the company carried out organizational reform and sent outstanding management cadres to support overseas, and signed the 3G terminal cooperation agreement with Telus of Canada. The 3G terminal broke through the mainstream operator market in North America for the first time, and reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with FT to carry out in-depth cooperation in fixed network access, business, terminal and other fields.

In 2007, the international revenue for the first time more than domestic, MTO strategy to obtain significant progress, as Vodafone and Telefonica, Telstra such leading operator terminal suppliers, cooperate with the United States SprintNextel in Wimax, 51% for the first time for China mobile's td-scdma equipment procurement share, CDMA shipments for two consecutive years among the world's first, become the fastest growing 2007 GSM equipment suppliers, into four major equipment supplier in the world, GPON was awarded the InfoVision Innovation Award by the World Broadband Forum.

In 2012, ZTE joined hands with China Mobile in Hong Kong to officially launch ZTE's world's first single-chip 4GLTE smartphone -- GrandXLTE (T82), making ZTE the first domestic handset manufacturer to officially launch 4GLTE smartphone.

On the afternoon of April 5, 2016, ZTE announced the company's new management team. Three senior executives, including former CEO Shi Lirong, stepped down and CTO Zhao Xianming became ZTE's CEO and chairman.

In April 2018, US Commerce Department officials revealed that Us companies were banned from selling components to Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE for seven years for violating US sanctions.

In July 2018, the US Department of Commerce issued a notice to temporarily and partially lift the export ban on ZTE.


Zte is committed to the design, development, production, distribution and installation of various advanced ICT systems. Its business can be divided into three business segments: operator network, consumer business and government and enterprise business.

Operator network

Focusing on operators' network evolution needs, it provides innovative technology and product solutions such as wireless access, wired access, carrier network, core network, telecom software systems and services.

Operator network business is divided into three parts: wireless network, wired network, cloud computing and IT system integration.

Wireless network servicesinclude base station system products, core network products, network network planning network, digital cluster and wireless supporting parts. In the aspect of cloud core network, ZTE is the only full-standard core network system supplier in the world. Zte's fixed-network access equipment includes Optical access equipment PON, integrated access equipment MSAN, broadband access equipment DSLAM, etc.

Wired network servicesinclude optical access products, optical transmission products, data communication products and copper access products.

Cloud computing and IT system integration includes operator cloud computing and IT products, IT system integration (business platform, management system integration, etc.).

Enterprise business

Focusing on the needs of government and enterprise customers, based on "communication network, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing" and other products, we provide various information solutions for the government and enterprises.

Consumer business

Focusing on the intelligent experience of consumers and taking into account the needs of the industry, the company develops, produces and sells products such as smart phones, mobile data terminals, home information terminals and integrated innovation terminals, as well as related software applications and value-added services.

Consumer business can be divided into three parts: mobile phone business, fixed network terminal and home media terminal.






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